Bathroom Display Showroom In Trowbridge

Not all that long ago, a bathroom wasn’t even a room in many homes. Sometimes it was just a toilet in the outhouse and a tin bath in front of the fire.

Thank heavens times have changed!

Bathroom AccessoriesThese days, after the kitchen,  a beautiful bathroom is without doubt the most important room in the house to increase the value of your home and ensure a quick sale.

With such very busy lives now, it’s status has been raised because we all need somewhere to relax and unwind in. A place to chill and pamper ourselves is within everyone’s reach. In this post we explore why planning your dream bathroom needs to start at your local bathroom showroom.

Whether you have a palatial room or a particularly compact space, installing a new bathroom takes some serious thought and consideration. Spending time at the beginning does not need to be daunting or hard to do and will prevent expensive mistakes or changes down the line.

Nothing beats being able to see what you want to have in the flesh.  Just looking online comes a very poor second place to being able to see how much space a bath takes up or to picking up and judging the weight of a well-made tap. In a show room you can lay down in a bath and see if it’s comfortable or not.  Some showrooms, like ours, have many makes to choose from.

Too much choice can be just as frustrating as not enough, and an experienced salesman can be a true resource of information about what works and does not. Why not bring your plans or colour boards in for some in-depth advice and suggestions about individual fittings and sizes?  Even if you are only having a quick look around a visit is worthwhile and there’s never, ever, any pressure here.

Some showrooms make a charge for consultancy.  We don’t.  Take advantage of our service and go home with more details for your plan.  The best options and the best buys for what you want are a visit away. Even better, our ‘salesman’ may come up with better options than you knew were available.  If you wish, he coan also point you in the direction of a local Trowbridge bathroom fitter with a good reputation.

Trowbridge ShowroomNo matter which bathroom showroom you visit, you should never, ever, feel pressure into buying immediately.  That’s just not on. In fact, it’s a good idea to look around a few more showrooms and get as much advice as possible before deciding what you want. Call your friends and ask them who they have bought from, ask their advice about the brands you have in mind and, of course, look through the net for good ideas.

Whatever you decide to do, before you visit the showroom have a pretty good idea in mind about the style that you want.  It will avoid the fog of too much choice.

Active Plumbing’s Trowbridge Showroom is open six days a week and there is always an experienced and qualified member of staff here to give you good advice.  If though you would like guaranteed personal attention without waiting, please be sure to book some time in advance with Lewis, the showroom manager, on 01225 765000.

Because of the Covid19 situation Lewis can only see people by appointment in order to keep the number of people in the showroom to a minimum.

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