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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Welcome to the Greenest part of Active Plumbing Supplies, here you will find information on Renewable Energy Systems, our Route to Renewables Scheme, and Money Back Schemes such as RHI.

Active Plumbing Supplies don’t just sell Renewables, they have a whole Green Team. Our specialist renewable energy division offers a range of eco friendly heating solutions, whilst also offering advice on finding accredited installers.

Our Renewable Energy products include Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers and Stoves, Solar Hot Water and Solar Photovoltaic, and Electricity Generating Panels.

Why Renewable Energy?

The average adult person in the UK creates 15.12 tonnes of carbon every year.

We are one of the few merchants in Wiltshire to offer a specialist selection of Renewable Energy products. The renewable market has announced its arrival, in some counties around England the council and housing associations will only replace non-renewable heat sources with a long term renewable heat source such as air source or biomass.

Renewable Energy + Government Funding
(kyoto agreement + carbon emissions rulings)

= Tax Free Green Domestic Energy Production by Small and Domestic Dwellings

In the UK we are privileged to be the first people offered by its government a feed in tariff for the production of electricity, and the Renewable Heat Incentive for producing energy to heat your home in a green or renewable way.

The recognised methods of producing heat and electricity are commonly recognised as Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, Biomass and Wood Pellet Boilers, Solar Thermal Panels, Solar PV and Wind Turbines.

Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Air Source and Ground Source all rely on an aspect of the sun. Biomass and Wood Pellets rely on the availability of small wood pellets, and Wind Turbines rely on the wind.

At Active Plumbing Supplies, we can help you become more 'Green' -  whether you're a home owner or an installer, or if you're just looking to make our local community greener, we have the knowledge, services and products to help you achieve your green goal.

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